Hello peachies🍑 Have you ever had these common makeup foundation problems? Your foundation look cakey, patchy, flaky and uneven, with pores and fine lines cracking through.

You look like you have put on heavy makeup or too many layers of product? ​​Your foundation shade does not match with your neck skin tone at all? Today, we are going to deliver the most practical beginner’s guide to foundation application for our peachies. Cakey makeup isn’t the result of using too many products but from using too much product. See the difference?

We’ll explain a little more in-depth about that. For this video, we have carefully curated a list of the most popular Xiao Hong Shu foundation application tips to take your base makeup game to a whole new level. From skincare prepping, common foundation application mistakes, the right concealer technique for different blemishes types, up to setting your base,

We’ve got that all covered!

With the right techniques and product, not only can your skin look good and silky smooth in front of the camera or even without filters, but it also can withstand long hours without wear-off!

Please refer to the timestamp for different parts of the video:
0:00 Introduction
1:28 Part 1 Premakeup skincare
4:07 Part 2 Sunscreen product selection & application
5:28 Part 3 Primer
7:48 Part 4 Concealer
13:03 Part 5 Foundation
19:13 Part 6 Base setting
24:33 Outro
25:27 End

Hope u guys will love this video!♥☺ pls enjoy peachies!

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