LIKE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!! Guys, I don’t mess around when it comes to Halloween!  Not quite sure where this crazy passion came from?  I don’t remember my mom really being into Halloween and Brian doesn’t love it… but I am obsessed!  I think I just love the idea of transforming into someone totally different for a day!  I’m such a kid at heart and it gives me an excuse to dress up and be crazy!  I mean, when else can you wear glitter ALL OVER YOUR FACE?!!!  Or super sexy leather pants like in my Sandy from Grease costume here

To kick off my favorite month of the entire year, Savy girl and I transforming into UNICORNS!!  I probably spent 127 hours playing with different looks (I should post some of my late night faces that didn’t make the cut ha ha) and searching for the perfect costumes.  Do I buy a horn or do I make one with hair?  What you see below is hours worth of researching the perfect products and playing with different ways to apply it all, so hopefully this tutorial speeds up the process for you at home and you can turn yourself or your daughter into the perfect unicorn this Halloween!!!   

For details on where we got our costumes + links for all the makeup products used, head to my blog here

Thanks babes! I sure love you. And if you feel like sharing and spreading the unicorn love, I totally wouldn’t be mad! xo

You can also find easy access to all the hairstyles I’ve ever done here

Curls Tutorial

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