Remember this 90s basketball queen? Lola bunny is ICONIC! If you want to really stand out for this year’s halloween, this is an awesome choice!

(Sad news, my mom deleted the iron on files GRRR but you can use this and alter the colors if needed:)

TuneSquad Logo:

10 logo:

(Change the 10 to blue on photoshop with the paint bucket and then print it out backwards. to do that, go to advanced print options and click MIRROR. or you can horizontally flip it on photoshop)


Contacts: Desio brand in “Innocent White”

NYX jumbo eyeliner in Milk
Urban Decay singlets in GRAVITY and FISHNET
maybelline eye studio liner
house of lashes Tinkerbell
Elizabeth arden lip tint palette
Injections lip gloss
Elizabeth arden powder

music credit: Quad City DJ – Space Jam


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