Hello peachies🍑 Are you feeling a bit stuck when it comes to eyeshadow makeup inspirations? Or perhaps you’ve mastered your go-to eye look and now you’re ready to take your eyeshadow game to the next level? Well, look no further because we’ve got an exciting video for you today!

Introducing @造孽小猪 (Read as: Xiao Zhu), the makeup guru from XiaoHongShu, who is an absolute pro when it comes to creating stunning cut crease eye makeup looks. With her impressive skill set and a keen eye for detail, she has managed to gather an impressive following of over 120 thousand fans on her profile.

Xiao Zhu’s expertise lies in her ability to create captivating eye makeup looks using various shades and techniques. Whether you’re into bold, vibrant colors or prefer a more subtle and elegant approach, Xiao Zhu has got you covered.

Hope u guys will love this video!♥☺ pls enjoy peachies!

Video credits to: @ 造孽小猪. on XiaoHongShu
from UrL: https://www.xiaohongshu.com/user/profile/5658b318e4251d24c8c9685f

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music : When the Rain Stops by Tokyo music Walker
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