Satisfying Makeup Repair💄ASMR DIY Repairing Your Beloved Makeup Products! #366

Have you ever encountered unpleasant situations when your favorite makeup products get damaged, dry, cracked or broken? Do you want to turn your old makeup products into beautiful and quality new products?
In this video, I show you step-by-step how to repair and reuse old makeup products that are damaged, dry, cracked, or broken. You will see how to restore and recreate makeup products from famous brands such as MAC, NARS, Tom Ford, ….
You’ll also hear relaxing ASMR sounds as makeup products are cut, crushed, mixed and remolded.
This video will help you discover the creative and surprising possibilities of old makeup products. With the tips I share in the video, you will save money and protect the environment by reusing old makeup products instead of throwing them away.
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Wear headphones to feel this interesting sound!

00:00 Highlights
00:07 Fix YSL lipstick
01:30 Mix old lipstick (YSL, Hermes, Giorgio Armani)
03:17 Fix Gecomo 3 Colors Concealer Palette
05:30 Fix MAC lipstick
07:00 Fix Bobbi Brown lipstick
08:59 Mack Andy lipstick fix
10:30 Mix Giorgio Armani foundation sample
11:36 Fix Romand Lipstick
12:47 Fix NARS highlighter
14:27 Fix DIOR blush
16:09 See more samples

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