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Just as I love creating beauty with interior design, I love doing the most for my physical appearance too! While this video is so very different for me, I hope you’ve enjoyed it because so many of you have asked about how I do my makeup, the products I use, etc. over the years! Because of that, I brought to you not only my makeup routine but the healthy habits that keep me looking and feeling my best!

|| S H O P M Y M A K E U P ||
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+ Foundation:
+ Liquid Eyeshadow:
+ Concealer:
+ Concealer to Highlight:
+ MakeUp Sponge:
+ Face Powder:
+ Liquid Eyeliner Pen:
+ Undereye Liner:
+ Shadow Over Liner (similar):
+ Eyehadow for Depth:
+ eye liner:
+ Eyebrow Pencil:
+ Blush (toasty):
+ Mascara:
+ Moxie Lash & Liner (Sexy Lash):
+ Lip Liner: or
+ Lipstick:

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