Most of Sue’s makeup is missing! She’s quite sure it’s either her slime friend Sam or her younger sister Samantha. But none of them would confess. Sue still has some makeup left, so she decides to hide it where Sue and Samantha won’t look – inside fruit! These are really bright and fun ideas to decorate your makeup or to prank your friends. Or both!

Sue makes 6 makeup fruit.

01:14 First, she disguises her liquid foundation inside a pomegranate. She uses a styrofoam sphere and some felt for that. And little plastic half-beads act as pomegranate seeds. It looks so much like the real thing!

04:37 Next, she hides her Coca Cola flavored lip gloss inside an artificial banana. Just make an opening inside the banana and glue the lip gloss inside! Some yellow acrylic paint will mask any white styrofoam visible inside the banana.

06:20 Sue’s mascara is easily disguised as a carambola! This craft requires lots of yellow glue sticks. Five of them help you to get that carambola shape and more glue will add volume to it. Dab some green acrylic paint on the edges to make it look even more like the real thing!

08:27 Do you know a fun way to decorate your face powder? Make it look like an orange! To do this, you will only need a styrofoam sphere and some acrylic paint. Glue your face powder box between the halves of the sphere and paint it orange!

10:40 Who doesn’t like pineapples? Well, some people don’t. But Sue disguises her makeup remover as a juicy pineapple. She uses some foil as a base. And then glues some yellow and green felt on top. It takes time, but the result is awesome!

13:25 What to do with all those styrofoam crumbs left from the previous crafts? Glue them to an EOS lip balm to make it look like a lychee! Don’t forget to paint it pink!

These fruit makeup items look like a real fruit basket! They even fooled slick slime Sam!

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