Hello peachies 🍑 Mirror, mirror on the wall… what the heck is my face shape? Knowing your shape can inform different beauty practice, from makeup to hairstyling, so it’s essential to be in the know. Your face shape can impact so many components of your look. It’s the reason why certain haircuts are amazing on your best friend, but aren’t as flattering on you. Your face shape also dictates how you should shape your brows, to go for the arched or the flat brows? That’s a great question to consider. With all that said, we know you clicked on this video because you’re dying to know your closest face-shape match, So we have got you covered! In this video, we will guide you in identifying your face shape and what is even better? We have also include the do-s and don’t-s, makeup and styling tips to help you to get that glow up, even if you’re on a super tight budget!

Please refer to the timestamp for different parts of the video:
0:00 Introduction
1:07 Part 1 How to identify my face shape?
7:24 Part 2 Do’s & Don’ts Tips for different face shapes
7:41 Part 2(i) Round shape face
10:18 Part 2(ii) Square shape face
13:16 Part 2(iii) Diamond shape face
16:16 Part 2(iv) Pear shape face
19:12 Part 2(v) Rectangular shape face
22:27 Part 2(vi) Heart shape face
25:23 Outro
27:14 End

Hope u guys will love this video!♥☺ pls enjoy peachies!

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