Lip Art Beauty DIY Makeup game – Gameplay Part 2 (Android, iOS)
Lip Art Beauty DIY Makeup game – Gameplay Walkthrough – game made by GOOD TO SEE YOU

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πŸ“œgame Description
Now you can become a makeover specialist by making over cute dolls and princesses and giving them a new look with your art. Start the Lip Art Journey now and experience the most satisfying ASMR makeover.

Lip Art DIY Makeup game

First of all cure the lips by following a skin care routine, apply base and cover up lips and make them look plumbed so they may look more attractive. Keep your focus intact and pick the best art style and apply the style with good care, add finishing touches to the Lip Art. Accessorise your lips with Lip Piercing or Lip jewellery to stand out, pick your favourite hairstyle and dress to rock the party. Take attractive photos and post it on social platforms and get more followers and likes. Cure the acne of lips with modern techniques and make them flawless.

πŸ‘„ Pick Your Favorite Lip Art.
πŸ‘„ Repair Damaged Lips.
πŸ‘„ Heal the Lips.
πŸ‘„ Apply base and highlight colour.
πŸ‘„ Draw outline with lipliner and add glossy, shimmery and shiny effects to the lips.

Lipstick Artist Makeup games

Pick different styles and draw the lip art on the lips, draw rainbow patterns and use multiple colours and make over the lips with stylish and glamorous looks. Use pearls and jewellery on the lips, add lip liners to draw an outline over the lips after adding looks. Glowing lips add value to your looks and make the princesses look fabulous. Add Satisfying ASMR with effects like a makeup game, dress up the doll like dress up games. Use all the tools from your make up kit and become the queen of modern looks

πŸ’„ Accessorise your lips with stickers and patterns.
πŸ’„ Add pearls and jewellery on the lips.
πŸ’„ Decorate your lips with piercings.
πŸ’„ Add finishing touches to the lips.
πŸ’„ Take pictures and post them on social interactive platforms.

Lip Art Lipstick Makeup games

Become the best stylist and makeup artist to be recognized as the most famous makeover stylist. Choose different dresses with sparkling looks to rock the party. Hear the satisfying ASMR and effects, this is your chance to do the DIY Makeup with all perfect looks. Add magnificent finishing touches and make the lips look fine. Decorate the lips with rainbow art style in pride and werk the ramp like a showgirl.

πŸ‘„ Users can give full makeovers to the client.
πŸ‘„ game offers a range of different skin tones for your model.
πŸ‘„ Apply unique rainbow and stylish hairs.
πŸ‘„ Pick your favourite designer dress.
πŸ‘„ Get ready and take a selfie.