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IVE 3rd Single Album After Like Jewel Case Version Random Member Photobook CD Photocard Mini Folding Poster K-Pop Music Package
IVE 3RD SINGLE ALBUM – Here is IVE’s 3rd Single Album “AFTER LIKE” for the ultimate stans of the popular international renown 6-member K-pop girl group IVE. It’s their album for their third single with a total of 2 tracks of your new favorite songs to love and enjoy. If you’re a DIVE, you will not only love the new Music, but this album also comes with essential collector’s items of your beloved idols. With collectibles and memorabilia included in each album, all IVE fans will surely love this.
JEWEL VERSION – The Jewel Version comes in a sleek jewel case package, and the included items are available in every edition with exclusive member specific versions to choose from. This features a photobook with various member versions, CD-R, photocard, mini folded poster. Aside from the CD, the versions of the contents are picked random and will differ per order. Collect all the collectibles by buying more! Enjoy this single album from your favorite idol girl group with the added benefits.
ALBUM PREVIEW – These physical albums are packaged well with eye-catching yet stunning designs in a classic clear jewel case and are safely packed for shipping to ensure you receive everything in excellent condition. Each version of this singles album comes with a member focused photobook, one for each member: Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, Leeseo. Included in all versions is a 16-page photobook, 1 CD-R, random 1 of 6 photocards of the members, and random 1 of 6 mini folding poster.
PREMIUM PACKAGING – Each album is carefully packaged with care to ensure all the contents are in perfect condition as it is shipped to you. All the contents of this album, from all the collectibles and the CD itself, is packaged into a stylish box for protection. Store the items in the box case or display your photocards and poster in your rooms to show off your love for all the IVE girls. This album is designed for the fans with love from the artists with quality Music and collectibles.
GREAT GIFT FOR FANS – This is the perfect present to give to yourself, a partner, your best friend or fellow DIVEs as their second single album is an absolute must to check out for all fans of IVE and their Music. AFTER LIKE is amazing in quality in all aspects, from the Music to all the bonus content. It’s a must-have for any true DIVE of IVE to love and enjoy. Get one for yourself or a loved one for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, special occasion or as a welcome to the fandom.