Learn how to make EASY MICELLAR Water, perfect for REMOVING MAKEUP & SENSITIVE SKIN! Full Recipe: blog/diy-micellar-water/” target=”_blank”>https://wholeelise.com/blog/diy-micellar-water/

Micellar waters are mild cleansers that gently remove makeup and cleanse skin without the need to rinse off! There’s a lot of technical jargon around micellar waters but you can make them at home with less than 5 ingredients! Watch this tutorial to learn how to make your own micellar waters!

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00:00 INTRO
00:13 Micellar Water Recipe
01:13 What cleanser should you use?
01:57 How to Make Micellar Water
02:35 How to pH Balance Micellar Water
03:25 How to Preserve Micellar Water
04:01 How to Remove Makeup with Micellar Water

FULL DIY MICELLAR WATER RECIPE HERE: blog/diy-micellar-water/” target=”_blank”>https://wholeelise.com/blog/diy-micellar-water/
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