00:00 Introduction
00:09 How to make lipstick without crayon
02:39 How to make compact powder
04:37 How to make foundation
07:09 How to make blush
09:05 How to make eyeshadow palette
12:49 How to make liquid lipstick
14:18 How to make white nailpolish
15:24 How to make glitter nailpolish
15:58 How to make waterproof nailpolish
16:43 How to make eyeliner pen
17:52 How to make highlighter
18:56 How to make liquid contour

Homemade all makeup products/lipstick|eyeshadow|blush|nailpolish|compact powder|foundation||eyeliner

Hi friends in this video I am going to make all makeup products at home with easy home things

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Navfi’s Slime-diy: Do it yourself make it possible

Makeup products/beauty products made in this video
1. Lipstick
2. Eyeliner
3. Blush
4. Compact powder
5. Foundation
6. Nailpolish( glitter|white|waterproof)
7. Eyeshadow palette
8. Liquid lipstick
9. Highlighter
10. Contour

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Homemade makeup kit
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