There is NO SUCH thing as having enough makeup brushes, but WHAT brush to use for a make-up FACE CHART? In this Easy face chart makeup tutorial series for beginners Liza Kondrevich gives TIPS for face charting.

If you know what tools to use as a face chart makeup designer, which brushes for what purpose, and let your tools do half the work, your face chart skills are likely to improve! If you love to know how to make facecharts, and how to design makeup looks on paper as a makeup designer, SIGNUP for this channel, and start for free

How to start with face chart art? The best start for makeup artists who want to learn facecharts is by downloading my FREE guide!

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Hi, I’m Liza Kondrevich, author of the World’s best selling face chart book, founder of makeup Designer Academy™ Online Courses, Corporate Face Chart & Make-up Designer and your dedicated mentor who loves to help you in becoming a master makeup designer without years of education! 💪🏽