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Born: October 22nd (Libra)

Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca

Genres: Pop, Dance


Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Ashley mega was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is in love with her native Carribean roots and culture of the islands where much of her background comes from. Ashley fell in love with writing, literature, and performing arts prior to realizing her gift for making music. In her younger years, she was formally trained in modern dance and cheer. She has since continued her passion for creativity by writing music.

Music has not been the only major part of Ashley’s life. From makeup to fashion design Ashley has been working with professionals since a teenager. Growing up in LA she studied Fashion Business in college and spent time working with professionals before their brands had even been invented. Having fun is an important part of what Ashley loves the most about being creative and studying fashion design.

Her music creates an open connection between modern pop, lyricism, and EDM. Influences of Ashley’s career include most all iconic artists in contemporary music of today. Some of her favorites that have impacted her appreciation for music the most are artists like Cassie , Vanity 6 , Britney Spears, Prince, and Rihanna. Each song she writes is designed to originate music with heartfelt rhythms and meaningful concepts.

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