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We are very close to Halloween day, so today we are doing an options for those who don’t know how are going to be dressing up this Halloween, a easy but very striking makeup, we are doing a easy ghost makeup very effective to be wearing in any costume or just wearing a hoodie,

We will be using just white and black, using a white as aqua color that don’t stain and a black for the depth parts and more effective finish, easy and striking, it just need a bit detail on the month part, just follow a bit curve effect on the month in like half moon shape,

Aqua color in white Pankro,
Black cream color 12 flash palette Makeup Forever,
Black mate lens Lentiexpress,

Annabelle halloween makeup tutorial:

Stretched lip special effects :

Easy to do Zombie makeup tutorial :

Realistic Vampire for male makeup tutorial:

Open forehead wound special effects Halloween makeup:

Skeleton Halloween Makeup tutorial:

Halloween makeup Elegant Catrina:

Blue Catrina:

Maleficent cartoon makeup:

Fantasy and carnival makeup play list:

Special effects makeup list:

Claw scratch special effects halloween makeup:

Anime makeup easy to wear:

Edward Scissorshand special effects makeup:

Mystique X Men makeup Special effects :

White Walkers makeup from game of Thrones :

Daenerys Targaryan Makeup, game of Thrones:

Lip art, Cartoon lips, pop art:

Tribal Warrior Makeup:

Gap in the forehead special effects:

Mad Hatter Makeup:

Angelina Jolie maleficent makeup:

Demon makeup and how to apply bald cap:

How to do a bold cap at home:

Jigsaw from Saw Makeup:

Ripped off nail special effect tutorial:

Zombie Makeup beauty face stapled with household materials:

Halloween Makeup: Gothic & Stitched :

Halloween Makeup: Chucky :

Halloween Makeup: Guason:–D6KeA

Halloween Makeup: Evil Clown:

Halloween Makeup: Werewolf:

Halloween Makeup: Zombie FX The Walking Dead:

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I hope you liked it, be happy,

♡ Silvia ♡

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