DIY Sephora Makeup Tarte shape tape for your dolls! Learn how to make American Girl doll size Sephora makeup and other fun beauty products. This AG doll makeup craft is fun and easy to make. Now your dolls can carry their DIY Sephora makeup in this makeup bag doll craft. Hope you enjoy this Sephora Makeup DIY Craft for American Girl dolls!

We have a Sephora store opening up in our area right down the road from us. I’m not much of a makeup girl, mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup. I actually would glam up more if I didn’t end up looking ridiculous when I was done applying it. Maybe by having Sephora close I will improve my makeup skills. I do admire those who can flawlessly paint their faces. It’s an incredible talent.

Anyways, makeup is always requested in the doll world so here is a fun DIY with a few printables to go along with. As always there are several ways you can change up this craft and use other materials. So, if you don’t have what I used in the video, get creative! Most of the time you have exactly what you need hiding somewhere in the house!

Materials Needed:
Sephora Bag Printables from
Tarte Shape Tape Printables from
Regular Glue Sticks *to glue
Hot Glue Sticks *to use as concealer containers
Tissue Paper
Skinny Cording
Assorted Beads
Craft Sticks similar to Toothpicks

Watch and craft away! Share the video if you want to see a Sephora store with more printables!

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