Learn 12 DIY Hair & Makeup Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know! These simple life Hacks You’ve probably Never SEEN Before!

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Hello there! Todays video is based on Hair Beauty Hacks that everyone should know! Specifically Lazy People!

DIY Makeup life HACKS! In this DIY makeup tutorial life hacks video I show you 12 makeup routine life hacks for girls and DIY makeup tutorial projects. We will pimp eyes, lips, eyebrows, and a whole face for 12 beautiful makeup looks. These are perfect DIY life hacks for school and for lazy people as they are so quick and easy. So get ready with me to get these epic beauty life hacks tested and to get your makeup routine transformed. Let’s try our 12 DIY makeup life hacks for kids and for beginners.

DIY Clothing pin eyeliner! This is a hack for those of you that never manage to get your eyeliner the way you want it to. Get gel eyeliner and apply it to a clothes pin, press it at an angle on your eyelid for the perfect outline. This eyeliner hack guarantees a perfect bold eyeliner every single time.

Clogged nose foundation! Here are the do’s and don’t on how to have a flawless foundation coverage. Use an eyebrow razor, yes an eyebrow razor! Perfect summer shaving hair hacks and shave your nose! this removes all baby hairs and clogged pores to which the foundation sticks to.

White shirt bag hack! This hack allows you to put on a white shirt without getting your foundation or makeup onto it. Simply place a bag (trash bag in this case) over your head. This allows you to comfortably put on your white shirt without the possibility of getting makeup on it. Talk about a hack to simplify your life.

DIY liquid lipstick eyeshadow? Use your liquid lipstick as eyeshadow! Matching eyeshadow to your favorite liquid lipstick can be difficult at times, why not just use the liquid lipstick as the eyeshadow! Make sure its cream based so that it will be easier to blend.

Tired of the typical bun? This easy back to school hairstyle will help you.  Use a hair Donut and combine it with a couple of elastics in order to create a heart shape hair hack. This allows you to make an awesome and unique hair style, spread love your entire day!

Here is a simple life hack for the perfect hairstyle. Specifically a ponytail! Spice up your hair by creating a bubble pony tail and create it with gold fabric wire! make it as fancy or sporty as you would like.

Here is a quick curling hair hack you’ve probably never seen! This is perfect for heatless curls. Create relaxed curls by using a straightener and wiggling your hair through.

This hair hack doubles as a morning routine simple life hack that will save you time. Braid your hair and use minimal heat on a hair straightener. This hack will create a beautiful beach vibe perfect for this summer.

Here is a fun way to decorate your hair with at home supplies or even back to school supplies. Use eyelash glue to stick decorative pieces to your hair. Use a tiny amount of lash glue and this will secure the DIY pieces onto your hair.

Add a little festivities to your hair. Perfect for parties, homecoming or prom. decorate your hair with party streamers and add an elegant touch to your curls or straightened hair.

DIY temporary hair color. This hack will allow you to customize your hair color all year long. Use an old makeup product like a blush and press it against your hair. BAM! Instant hair color that you DIY’ed.

Take any cream or lotion and apply it on to your baby hairs while you comb it back with a tooth brush. This disperses the lotion and allows you to skip hair spray and definitely makes your hair smell better.

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