Boy to Girl Makeup Tutorial (Beginner) | BECOME A GIRL!!

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Hi I’m Ryan and I like to dress up like a hot girl 👗 sometimes I talk like a girl too. This video is going to go over the step by step process that I follow to apply my boy to girl makeup to feminize my face when I am crossdressing.

If you are a feminine boy, a trans or non-binary person, or if you just want to crossdress to prank your friends, then watch until the end to learn how to transform into a girl!

DISCLAIMER: I am not very good at makeup!!! If you want someone who actually knows what they’re doing to teach you this, then this may not be the tutorial for you. I made this video because I think it’s sometimes helpful to have a total noob explain to you how to do something. And that is what I am… a n00b!

What’s up catboys and girls, welcome to my ultimate beginner feminine makeup tutorial! This video is going over the techniques I use and steps that I take to feminize my face with makeup that I use for crossdressing. The makeup that I use in this video is foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick/lip pencil, and blush. I don’t have any makeup brush sets or anything, so I just use blending sponges. All the makeup I use is cheap drugstore makeup, I don’t own any expensive beauty products. I hope that today I can teach any feminine boys, any trans or nonbinary people who are looking for help with a boy to girl transformation or transition, or anyone who just wants to prank their friends about how to look more like a girl!

Let me know in the comments which tip helped you the most, and what you would like to see next!

Watch my Girl Voice Tutorial:

ALSO I know a lot of you are going to feel self conscious practicing this at home in front of your parents/family etc. I totally understand. I recommend practicing it late at night if you don’t feel comfortable being seen in makeup.

Disclaimer #2: The purpose of all my videos is partly to normalize the idea that anyone can be both feminine and masculine. It is a challenge against societal norms and a statement that we can all be a pretty girl!!!:) The main point is that everyone should have the confidence to be who they wanna be regardless of how people react!!! ❤️

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