Hello peachies🍑 They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not adorn these windows with colors and create stunning eye makeup looks? If you’re new to makeup, applying eye shadow might feel overwhelming.

Which shade to apply first? Where should you apply the shades on your eyelid? Why does your eye makeup look messy? The confusion continues…

eye shadows have the power to transform your makeup game, but it’s crucial to know the correct application techniques to lift and define your eyes. Mastering the art of eye shadow involves a few key steps: applying eye shadow according to the shape of your eyes, adding the right shade to the right place to add dimension to the entire look, and blending everything seamlessly.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of eye shadow application, you can explore and adapt various techniques to shape your eyes according to your desired style. There are countless methods and styles to experiment with, allowing you to create unique and personalized eye makeup looks.

So let’s tackle those questions that keep popping up from your mind! And let’s get to know more about how different eye shadow placement can do wonders in enhancing your eye shape!

Please refer to the timestamp for different parts of the video:
0:00 Introduction
1:39 Part 1 Purpose of eyeshadow
3:50 Part 2 Types of eyeshadow and function of different shades
9:23 Part 3 Anatomy of eyes
10:47 Part 4 Fundamental theory to eyeshadow application
16:11 Part 5 Eyeshadow application technique for different eye shapes
16:29 Beginner’s 4-step eyeshadow technique
19:32 Upturned Eyes
20:58 Downturned Eyes
23:34 Hooded Eyes
27:01 Deep Set Eyes
30:30 Prominent Eyes
35:00 Monolid Eyes
39:54 Parallelogram Eyeshadow Technique
42:58 Inverted Triangle Eyeshadow Technique
45:22 Siren Eyes
45:52 Doe Eyes
47:48 Part 6 Eyeshadow brushes and application techniques
50:34 Part 7 Beginners common mistakes
52:10 Outro
53:26 End

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