Hi my Dolls! Here’s a new Barbie Doll tutorial for anyone who needs a Barbie Costume Look! WATCH MY KEN TUTORIAL HERE TOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3thKIlJogCY&list=PLRoc-3z8yq-QSCQeBuMax1Vi8dS0fO7im

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Hi my Dolls! I hope you love seeing (Barbie) Ken’s Transformation, click here to see how to turn into Barbie: http://bit.ly/2dN42Xj
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I love Barbie! I even have a Barbie painting in my living room! And last year I did this Barbie Tutorial: http://bit.ly/2dN42Xj But thought it would be to do a Ken Doll Transformation too! So her you go, now if you have a friend or need a couple’s costume idea, you can be Barbie AND Ken!!

To see my whole costume makeup playlist of tons of costume makeup, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list

Hope you loved this Barbie look, I have an old one but it’s so old I had to make a new one! Barbie hand waves, with finger together! hee hee hee

Huge hugs from your friend, Kandee (in her pretend Barbie Dream House and her pretend, Pink Barbie Corvette)

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