Join me as I pamper and paint the beautiful face of @MadPASMR – In This Soft Spoken Role Play, I use a full panoply of moisturizing treatment before giving her a glamorous day- look.

Give My patreon a glamorous day-look:

00:00 Intro
00:26 hair brushing
1:40 exfoliator
4:16 sharp or dull
5:40 serum and moisturizer
8:35 foundation
11:10 concealer
12:26 contouring
14:16 blush/bronzer
15:30 eye shadow
17:22 eyebrows
19:00 eyelash curler
20:03 eyeliner
21:16 mascara
22:07 lip liner
24:19 finishing powder
25:26 hair brushing
26:02 outro

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