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Brilliant makeup hacks

All makeup artists had to learn to experiment with makeup in order to understand what suits them both on their face and as a style. Whether you are going for a full glam makeup or a natural looking nude makeup look, there are countless tricks you can learn during the process. So, in this video, we are sharing with your our favorite makeup hacks that are extremely easy to make and will improve your makeup skills.

If you are one of those people who rarely clean your beauty blenders, welcome to the club, most of us are too busy or too lazy to do it. However, there is a lot of bacteria and fungus that can develop into beauty blenders because when we leave them unwashed for long periods of time. So, in this video, we show you the quickest way to clean your beauty blenders. Simply place your beauty blender into a glass microwave bowl filled with water. Then pour some washing-up liquid over it and put it in the microwave for 60 seconds. Your beauty blender will absorb the hot water and it will basically clean itself.

False eyelashes are designed to make our eyes pop, they can make our look more lady-like and flirty. However, when our false eyelashes are too wide, this can have the opposite result, since they will be poking out on each side. So, in this video, we show you a cool trick you can try in order to make your false lashes look as natural as possible. Simply cut your eyelashes into smaller pieces and then stick them on your natural lashes so that you’ll be able to fit them perfectly to your eye.

Even though mermaids are mythical creatures we can’t deny that they are portrayed in the most beautiful way possible through cartoons and movies. Their fins alongside their makeup look so sparkly and beautiful that they inspire a lot of makeup artists. So, in this video, we are sharing with you a brilliant mermaid makeup you can create using your favorite colored eyeshadow and a pair of fishnet stockings. You simply place the stockings over your head and then you apply your favorite color eyeshadow on top by tapping it as a highlighter and as lipstick. Then you remove the stocking and voila!

Finding the best-colored mascara is quite difficult since the only ones that are commonly available are black, brown, blue, and white. So, in this video, we show you how to create your mascara using your favorite eyeshadow color. You simply scrape off the eyeshadow off and then you transfer it into a white mascara. Then you shake them mixture really well and voila.

Watch our whole video to see all of our amazing makeup hacks that you can try and follow our tutorials.

0:07 – How to clean your beauty blender
0:48 – DIY liquid eyeshadow
1:54 – Mermaid makeup tutorial
2:37 – Glitter Lips
3:00 – Beautiful glitter eyeshadow hack
3:17 – DIY colorful mascara
5:05 – DIY magnetic makeup display
6:08 – How to contour your lips
6:34 – DIY tinted lip balm
7:58 – How to fix broken makeup
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