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🪴⚡️Cardboard Measurements⚡️🪴
Part 1: [0:53] 🦋
Base circle: 6.5 (diameter)
Base: 22.5cm x 4cm

Part 2: [1:16] 💗
Middle circle: 6.2cm (diameter outer circle) 5.6cm (diameter inner circle)
Middle part 1: 21.5cm x 1cm
Middle part 2: 22.5cm x 1.3cm

Part 3: [2:00] 🥝
Pump top: 5.5cm (diameter)
Pump: 17.5cm x 4cm
Pump base: 5.5cm (diameter outer circle) 3cm (diameter inner circle)

Part 4: [2:24] 🎉
Cardboard pieces 4~5: 5cm x 2cm
Paper tube: 4.2cm

Part 5: [3:26] 🍀
Lid: 22.5cm x 2cm
Lid circle: 6.5cm (diameter)

(*Measurements may vary due to the thickness of the cardboard!*)

Q: How to put the flower (lotion) back in?
A: [3:45]

🚨Important note: This video is not sponsored in any way and it is just a cardboard craft DIY inspired by the container seen in skincare products such as Drunk Elephant and many other moisturizer brands! (The airless container pumps)💞

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